Food experience

Taste & Elegance

Quality raw materials, research, passion for Umbrian and Italian flavours, expertly dosed to reconcile ancient culinary traditions with today’s tastes, creating new and wise balances.

These are the elements that make every event signed Apollinare Catering a unique moment, to be lived and remembered.

Enriching the party

One of the most appreciated features in Apollinare Catering’s buffets is the ability to personalise the entire service according to the wishes of the bride and groom. The traditional menu, rich and assorted, can be complemented by numerous extras that can transform the party into an authentic sensory journey.

Gourmet corners, seafood dishes, street food, barbecues… and even open bars, ice cream on view, confetti… all perfectly integrated and served with the proverbial precision and professionalism that distinguish our staff, can be added to the initial buffet, table service and final buffet.