Final corners

It’s time to enchant your taste buds with the grand finale, starting with our exquisite desserts – not only beautiful but also delicious. They are always unique, crafted based on the season and the preferences expressed by the bride and groom. Whether presented on a plate or as bite-sized treats, our freshly baked pastries will captivate all the guests.

And speaking of the little ones, they’ll be absolutely spellbound by the magician in our midst. This talented individual pours a mysterious liquid into a bowl, creating a billowing cloud of white smoke… and voilà! It magically transforms into a velvety, delectable scoop of fresh ice cream!

To add a burst of colour and freshness to the finale, we’ll serve a selection of ripe, seasonal fruits. This will be the final

brushstroke of vibrancy, marking the end of a culinary journey that has delighted palates and warmed hearts.

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