A touch of yo

Wedding in colour

What a delight it is, and how harmonious, to include a touch of colour, even (or should we say especially?) in the most neutral tones, like pure white. Pastel and delicate hues create a trail that reaches even the farthest points of the ceremony, leaving behind a unique and unforgettable texture.

Some venues seem to have been designed precisely to host a colourful wedding, allowing a luminous path to weave its way through the entire celebration. Consider places like Circolo Delle Querce, Tenuta dell’Olmo, and Castello di Decima, for instance. Their simplicity and elegance provide the perfect backdrop.

In the location, once again, white will serve as the canvas upon which your chosen burst of colour can shine. Pastel shades like green and violet, or even bolder options such as blue and red, offer ample room for creativity in crafting our colourful wedding and enriching our lives!

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