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Tuscany wedding

Tuscany, mon amour. It is the region of Italy best known abroad and perhaps the most beloved. Green, rich in art, and enlivened by the incomparable warmth of its people. A Tuscany wedding is a dream for many from all around the world.

It is no coincidence that Tuscany has witnessed the fateful ‘I do’ of numerous VIP couples, not only from across the borders but also from various other Italian regions. The landscape and ambiance that this land can evoke are truly unique, impossible to replicate elsewhere. With gentle horizons, meandering hills, majestic and solitary oak trees providing respite from the sun. And, like swift brushstrokes on this natural canvas, rows of cypress trees guiding us to charming destinations. What can I say? This is Tuscany, pure beauty!

The rich traditions of this marvellous land offer endless inspiration for your wedding menu, drawing from simple yet precious dishes of the country tradition. These culinary jewels, despite the simplicity of their raw ingredients, sometimes limited to the offerings of the kitchen garden, have the ability to transform into authentic masterpieces through the skilled hands of our chefs.

Choose from numerous locations: enchanting villas with gardens, historic residences, medieval villages, and imposing castles. These venues are perfect for every type of setting, from the simplest and most informal to the most elegant and refined: Locanda in Tuscany, Podere Sequerciani, Villa Montanare… The power of a Tuscany wedding lies in its infinite possibilities, set in locations that open up to the entire world on their horizons.

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