The synthesis of elegance

Elegant wedding

Pure and essential lines; soft colours, and purest white: et voilà, the elegant wedding is served.

Indeed, no matter the theme chosen for our wedding, one thing is certain: elegance always goes hand in hand with simplicity.

This combination will characterize every detail of our celebration: the car that will accompany the bride, beautiful and elegant but never excessive; the floral decorations, featuring flowers of a single type; the bride’s bouquet, total white…

There are no doubts when it comes to the arrangements: white will be the dominant colour, starting from the soft table linens and extending to the mise en place, with tone-on-tone decorations that will achieve perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. A very trendy theme lately, the shabby chic style undoubtedly aligns with the idea of simplicity and elegance we are discussing.

As for the venues, we find splendid ones where the purity and linearity of architectural features demonstrate the clear connection between simplicity and elegance. Casina Poggio della Rota, Villa Paradiso, and Villa De Domo Alberini are perfect examples of this.

At the end of our elegant wedding, there will be no shortage of a Wedding Cake that lives up to the occasion, also total white, ça va sans dire…

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