A regal dream

Luxury Wedding

The dream of so many children is to become King and Queen, to live in an enchanted castle while dressed in fairy-tale attire. In the world of weddings, this dream becomes a reality in regal venues with opulent atmospheres that transport us to another era.

The luxury wedding is the aspiration of every bride and groom, yet the concept of luxury varies according to personal preferences. However, one thing remains certain: a luxury wedding must encompass an exquisite venue and top-tier service.

For Apollinare Catering & Banqueting, crafting a ‘wedding invitation’ is an opportunity to showcase their exceptional expertise in organising significant events.

The experience for the bride, groom, and their guests should be luxurious—a moment that is both unique and unforgettable. Every detail must be flawless, without the slightest imperfection. There should be a seamless harmony between the venue and service, table settings, and accessories, as well as fabrics and floral decorations. This unity should be immediately sensed and recounted for days to come.

Luxurious must be the service, the mise en place, the table linen, where linen often prevails over any other fabric. Everything must form a unicum with the historicity and prestige of the chosen location.

And here we are, the locations. Historic residences, villas of other times, jewels that host events of great importance and charm and through them relive past splendour and splendour. Our country is full of them: Villa Aurelia, Villa Dino, Villa Pasqui 1914, Tenuta di Ripolo… names that are enough to evoke prestige and luxury.

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