To mirror in the Water

A Shabby Chic Wedding

The presence of water offers us a unique array of sensations. It has the remarkable ability to reflect and amplify the beauty that surrounds us, giving us ever-shifting perspectives. The gentle caress of the wind on the water refreshes our spirits, filling the air with soft and invigorating scents.

Water has the power to create truly magical atmospheres, whether it’s a swimming pool or one of Italy’s wonderful lakes: Trasimeno, Bolsena, Bracciano, each graced with magnificent venues and breathtaking vistas.

Such natural wonder encourages a preference for eco-friendly and sustainable styles. So, why not consider planning a shabby chic wedding that places a strong emphasis on reusability?

However, don’t let the word “shabby” mislead you. A shabby chic wedding is far from being unkempt; quite the opposite! Imagine arranging the tableau de mariage with an antique door, adorning an old suitcase with floral decorations, or creating cozy corners where vintage armchairs and coffee tables invite guests to sit and converse.

A few words about the splendid venues, which are plentiful in number: Casale di Polline, Tenuta San Liberato, and Tenuta di Polline, all with breathtaking views in a region of rare beauty at the Porte di Roma. This area boasts two authentic gems—the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano.

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