Convento Santa Croce

A Chic Wedding

Andrea and Maria are the soul of Apollinare Catering & Banqueting. Andrea, the master chef, and Maria, the visionary event concept designer, have orchestrated and executed a million events across Italy and beyond, each leaving an indelible mark of uniqueness and unforgettable moments.

Together, Andrea and Maria represent the core mission of Apollinare Catering: to craft every event into a one-of-a-kind, flawless, and unforgettable experience.

On April 9, 2016, Andrea and Maria, the architects of countless weddings, stand at the altar to say “I DO” and their big day, holding small pieces of every wedding planned over many years. Andrea and Maria’s wedding is a chic celebration, as they experiment with blending different styles, drawing inspiration from various trends, and creating a fresh wedding concept. It is the embodiment of multiple stories unfolding together.

The location of locations for a chic wedding: Convento Santa Croce.

The Convento Santa Croce is a truly enchanting location that welcomes guests and the newlyweds in a fairytale-like setting. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing for creative lighting and floral arrangements. The sensory journey begins for guests as they explore the garden, indoor courtyard, and various gastronomic corners offering street food, seafood, steamed vegetables, and an open kitchen. Endless buffets of cold cuts and cheeses add to the culinary experience.

After enjoying the hors d’oeuvres buffet, guests are led to a magnificent hall adorned with elegant tables featuring gold and white mise en place, candles, and a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The scene is truly spectacular and concludes with a lavish dessert buffet and an assortment of fresh fruit. The cutting of the wedding cake takes place in the garden, surrounded by rose petals and vibrant balloons, as well as various chocolates and sugared almonds of all kinds…

It’s time for dancing, with live music and open bar until late at night: hurray for the bride and groom!

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