Pampered by nature

Country wedding

The scenery, colours, and scents of nature – that’s what inspires us to choose a country wedding. Getting married amidst nature, respecting its rhythms and balance, is a choice filled with great sensitivity and a love for the true values of our existence. Whether it’s at a farmhouse, agritourism venue, or in one’s own garden, the country chic style is increasingly popular, harmoniously combining simplicity and sophistication.

The settings will revolve around respecting the environment that embraces and pampers us, aiming to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Natural fabrics, medicinal plants, wooden pallets, and hay bales will be used to craft furniture and seating for guests. These small gestures reflect a deep love for ourselves and our Earth.

Our love story will be celebrated in an intimate, romantic, and informal atmosphere, set on the grandest of stages.

One of the magical moments of a country wedding is undoubtedly being in front of a breathtaking, romantic sunset. The panorama, bathed in red as the sun descends below the horizon, only to rise on the other side of the world, will serve as the backdrop to our illuminations and candlelight, both on the tables and on the ground, creating a truly special atmosphere. Have you ever experienced a sunset at Villa Antico Melograno, Borgo della Marmotta, or Tenuta La Torretta?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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