In the green of enchanted gardens

Green Wedding

Planning a green wedding is more than just choosing a colour; it’s a reflection of a deep sensitivity and a desire to begin your journey of life together in harmony with nature. Finding the perfect venues that allow you to celebrate your special day amid enchanting gardens is surprisingly easy.

There are numerous locations to choose from, vintage as well as modern, nestled within beautiful parks. These settings are ideal for ceremonies of any style, whether you prefer an informal gathering or a lavish affair, always offering a touch of charm and tranquillity. The informality that comes with being surrounded by nature adds a serene and light-hearted ambiance to the ceremony.

How many wonderful gardens surround exceptional locations. Villa Pianciani, Tenuta Dell’angelica, Convento di San Francesco and Migianella Dei Marchesi… it is rellay impossible to mention all of them.

When designing our green wedding, we have the flexibility to opt for country chic arrangements, although they are not mandatory. In fact, we can easily transition towards an elegant wedding if that aligns better with our vision.

We can use a variety of materials, all in harmony with the lush greenery of the garden, creating a romantic and fitting atmosphere. Various shades of green can be incorporated into every aspect of our celebration, from the invitations and the tableau de mariage to the archway and even the floral placeholders.

Colours and flagrant floral decorations, which will find continuity with the chefs’ creations.

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