A Winter Fairytale

The Enchanting Allure of Winter Weddings

Are you certain that spring and summer are the only seasons for weddings? The allure of fall and winter offers the opportunity to create truly unforgettable events. Nature itself, with its warm and embracing colours, inspires us to craft unique arrangements where flowers and fruits can harmonize with the soft glow of countless candles, welcoming us into a warm and dreamlike atmosphere.

One of the most appealing aspects of planning a wedding in the fall or winter season is the abundance of venue choices available during this time. Locations like Casale Torre S. Anastasia, Villa Di Montefreddo, Castello Di Torcrescenza, Scuderie Odescalchi, Palazzo Pongelli, and Palazzo Collicola, to name a few, consistently host successful ceremonies in winter months.

Decorations are naturally inclined toward seasonal colour schemes, unfailing with red and gold, especially during the holiday season, when even the simplicity of a conifer sprig and a silk ribbon can captivate and enchant us during this magical time of year.

An important aspect to consider is the winter wedding menu, which during this season gains an exquisite addition from Italy’s rich culinary repertoire: the truffle. It’s during this time that the highly prized black truffle, especially the ‘nero pregiato di Norcia’ from the Umbria region, is at its finest. These truffles are carefully unearthed by dedicated truffle hunters, often assisted by their expert canine companions. The Nero di Norcia truffle adds a distinctive touch to numerous dishes featured on Apollinare Catering’s menu, elevating them to a level of exceptional uniqueness.

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