Feeling at home

How many times have we thought about what our wedding day would be like? At one moment, we envisioned ourselves as the protagonists of an elegant and chic wedding, while at another, we immersed ourselves in the greenery of a country celebration…

Within the diversity and fluidity of our dreams, there’s often a common thread: the thought of our loved ones, who mean so much more than mere ‘guests,’ gathered around us. Some of them, perhaps distant, and not seen in so long.

And therein lies the aspect that prompts us to imagine a ceremony that breaks away from traditional norms. A kind of home wedding, because that’s how we want to feel when we’re surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

If our home can accommodate the feast, all the better! If not, no problem: there are numerous venues available—ancient and modern villas, farmhouses, and agritourisms nestled in expansive outdoor spaces, serene meadows in the vicinity, and well-maintained gardens with awe-inspiring vistas. Consider places like Chiesa del Carmine, Tenuta dei Mori, and Tenuta di Boccea. In these settings, it won’t be a challenge to create an atmosphere just as intimate as if it were our very own home wedding.

The settings and the expertise of the event designer will guide us in recreating that warm and inviting ambiance, akin to a family gathering. So, there will be room for cheerfulness, conviviality, and joy that will be reflected in the eyes of all our guests, both young and old.

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